Course Info - Halloween Spieleabend Pen and Paper

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Helene Hausmann


31.10.2023, 17:00




Course Description

!!Raumänderung!! E008 "Well I am sure glad that you chaps agreed to help us out, without the light on in the lighthouse we had ships crashing here almost every night. Quite harrowing to be awoken by the sound of splintering wood, louder than you'd expect too. Never found any survivors. Its almost like something is beckoning the vessels to the jagged cliffs, like something is luring them in. Ah, well, it'll be better once you fixed up the damn thing, no use pondering what has already happened. And also good news, the last guys we hired to repair it just up and vanished without a warning, meaning the tools you need should already be in the lighthouse.

So, what else, ah, here you go, on rusty old key.

You best get going now friends, every eve a terribly thick cloud of fog rolls in from the sea, don't want you stumbling of the cliffs and drown, now do we? No but really, can't see your own fucking hand in that damn fog, wait till morning to make your track back, will ya?

Oh and dont worry, you'll be fine, just ... just don't mind the knocking."

Wir spielen höchstwahrscheinlich auf Deutsch! Ich schreibe meine teaser einfach nur gerne auf Englisch.

Contentwarnungen: Horror, Ertrinken, offenes Wasser, Meer, Tod, Verrottendes Fleisch, In-die-Tiefen-gezogen-werden, Dunkelheit, mild Claustrophobia

Das ganze wird ein Oneshot adventure für DnD 5e. Der Oneshot legt einen Fokus auf Atmosphäre, Planung und Combat.

Charaktererstellung: Ich bringe Premade Charaktere auf Level 3 mit.

Spieler*innen: 3-5

Der Oneshot ist Einsteigerfreundlich und für Anfänger wie Profis in DnD 5e geeignet.

Ich nutze als Safety Tool am Tisch die Full-Deck Methode.