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Courses of the Summer Semester

Anton Obersteiner - 17.04.2024

There will be programming courses for Python (1) and Rust (3, one of them advanced) opening sometime in the second week (15.04.24) of the summer semester 2024 and starting in the third week, unless differently specified in the description.

If you want to offer a course next semester, write to: ProgKursOrga

-- Anton O.

WebDAV Kalender für Events 🎉

Marco Lehner - 05.05.2023

Es wurde ein WebDAV Kalender für Events des FSRs eingerichtet (Spieleabende, Wanderungen etc.). Wenn ihr den Kalender einbindet, werdet ihr über Events automatisch informiert.

Mehr dazu findet ihr hier

Welcome to the Course Management System!

Welcome! It's nice to see you here. This is the course management system operated by the student representatives of the Computer Science faculty at TU Dresden. Here, you can enroll for various programming courses that are offered in the current semester.

Usually, all courses we offer are held by fellow students who have taken a particular interest in sharing their knowledge about programming languages and techniques with others. While these courses are therefore not acknowledged by the examination office, you can use them to learn new skills or programming languages.