Course List - ESE-Wanderung

Dear freshmen, Welcome to the enrollment for the ESE 2022 hiking tours. There are different routes to choose from, some are not as long as others or not as difficult. Please meet your tutors at least 15 minutes before the train leaves the station at the meeting point. To make the right choice, here is some information about each trip:

№1 Malerweg (CMS Masters present):

This easy route is nice to walk and not so hilly (about 200 m in height difference), and you get to see a nice variation of different landscapes. This tour is about 14 km long and walkable in 4:30 hours.

№2 Bastei:

The famous Bastei, a rock formation with a impressiv bridge above the Elbe River and a beautiful view over the Elbe Sandstone Mauntains, is the goal of this route. For that, you need to plan with 14 km (16 km, if you also want to visit the devil's canyon) and round about 6 hours of walking. Side note: You have to walk a few stairs (500 m up and down).

№3 Rauenstein:

This is a quick and easy route for all of you, that don't want to walk, but talk much with your fellow first semesters. It is only 7 km long and you will need 2 to 3 hours for the tour. Depending on your tutor, the route could be a little longer.

№4 Papststein:

This 15 km long route leads over three rocks, where you can wonder why one of them is called the pope's rock or you can hear the wonderful legend about the Barbarine. On all of the three tops, you have great views over the Sandstone Mountains. You'll hike 700 m up and down and be about 5:30 hours on track.

№5 Geising:

The saxon switzerland is boring you? Join us and climb the Geising mointain in the Erzgebirge (~ore-mountain-area). We'll hike up 250m for about 4 hours over 8 Km

№6 Bahnstrecke Weißig Dürrröhrsdorf (low-barreire) :

We'll hike along the old railway line Weißig-Dürröhrsdorf (Map). The tour is currently planned as a 4 Km long track with an attitude of 50m. We are going to test if the track is wheelchair accessible before.

№7 Sunrise on the Rauenstein:

You're waking up early, do have another bio rhythm or just like sunrises? This hike is for you. We'll reach the top of the Rauenstein (mountain) at 7:00 am, about then the sun will rise. The hike itsself is relatively short (4Km), we should be back about 3 hours later.

Timeslot Location Status Teachers
03.10.2022, 09:15 Malerweg (leicht, lang) unavailable Muhammad Irtaza Khan, Oleksandr Nazymko Info
03.10.2022, 08:45 Bastei (Mittel) unavailable Info
03.10.2022, 09:45 Rauenstein (mittel) unavailable Info
03.10.2022, 10:15 Rauenstein (mittel) unavailable Info
03.10.2022, 08:15 Papststein (Schwer) unavailable Info
03.10.2022, 09:50 Geisingberg (mittelschwer) unavailable Info
03.10.2022, 08:50 Alte Bahn Weißig - Dürrröhrsdorf (barrierearm♿) unavailable Info
03.10.2022, 04:50 Rauenstein, Sonnenaufgang unavailable Info